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With the busy summer season approaching, Illinois Prairie Electric is concentrating on safety—and so should you!

Even small projects in the house or yard have the potential for mishaps. 

A properly-equipped tool bag includes safety glasses and ear plugs or ear muffs.

Ear and eye protection is necessary equipment when using lawn mowers, chain saws, and power tools. 

Consider the many things you do that involve flying particles: chipping, grinding, sanding, sawing, and hammering.  Even a tiny speck of dust flying from a power tool can injure your eye. 

Do you dislike wearing safety glasses?  There are many models and sizes available to fit the needs of your activity and comfort preferences.  If your goggles fog up, try a model with more ventilation, or coat them with an antifog liquid.  Side shields and wrap-around goggles may not be appropriate if you have to watch to your sides for heavy equipment.   

Keep lenses clean and replace them when scratched or cracked.  These not only interfere with your vision, but they weaken the glasses so that they may not withstand the heavy impacts they were designed for.

Never think that you can “get used to” noise and can afford to ignore it.  If you have to shout to be heard by someone three feet away, the noise around you is high enough to cause hearing damage.

Like glasses, ear plugs and muffs are available in many styles.  Some are even designed to be worn with eyeglasses, hard hats, or face masks.  Earmuffs must form a complete seal around the ear.  If using ear plugs, follow the directions carefully when inserting them.  If they are reusable, keep them clean to prevent ear infections.

More safety tips and printable flyers can be found at www.ipelec.biz/safety

**Post a photo of the safety supplies in your toolbag as a response to this post and win a FREE pair of safety glasses!