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On July 8th, WGLT broadcasted a July To-Do List for the garden from Don Schmidt, the “Dean of Green” on WGLT Radio.  Dean-o said we should be doing a lot of things in the garden this month—from planting more green beans and kitchen herbs to weeding and ordering bulbs for the Fall.  His wife Carol, on the other hand, said   you should “invite a friend over to your house, pour a glass of nice white wine, go out and ENJOY your garden!” 

For many people, an outdoor patio or lawn is like a second living and dining room,    perfect for summertime entertaining and family time. 

Once you’ve got your tables and chairs in place, consider getting creative with outdoor lighting design that will enhance your outdoor space for years to come.  Motion lights could fade in and out along pathways to light the way for guests. Gentle uplighting could highlight your big trees or your home’s architectural details. Carefully chosen fixtures for downlighting could also    augment the candles and lanterns on your tables without overpowering the scene or creating light pollution. 

No patio or garden project is too small to schedule a complementary appointment at IPE to browse lighting  design catalogues and speak with one of our experienced electricians about your creative vision.  For an appointment, call 309-664-0162 or email info@ipelec.biz.