It’s February and you still have a few outside projects that need to be completed on your honey-do list, but, gee it’s cold outside! Before you head out the door, make sure you are dressed for the weather.   It may look nice from inside your house but looks can be deceiving!  Here are some tips on what to wear to keep you safe and warm.

Start from the inside out.  Insulated underwear and 2 medium weight socks are a good place to begin—2 medium weight socks are much better than 1 heavy pair.  The next layer begins with a long sleeve shirt—preferably wool—and a pair of pants that fit.  Pants that are too baggy or too long can cause you to trip or get caught on something.  Should you need a belt be sure to run any extra length through  remaining belt loops; this could save you from getting pulled into the piece of machinery you are working with. Next you will need a heavy duty pair of shoes with a thick sole, not your summer flip flops or your worn out tennis shoes with holes in them.

Finally a warm hat, work gloves-with no holes, of course, and a warm jacket that fits.  You might want to check for tears or dangling pieces to prevent your jacket from getting caught on something.

This may seem like a lot of prep work before even going outside, but if it saves you from one accident or frost bite, it is well worth the time. 

Now that your list is complete outside, take a minute and check any exposed skin for frost bite when you come back in.  If you see any skin that appears slightly flushed at first and then becomes white or grayish-yellow, you may have frost bite.  Warm the area slowly in cool water—do not rub with snow or your hand.   If you continue to have problems contact your physician.  Keep warm and keep safe!