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Time to drag out the ladder and complete those last few outdoor maintenance items before the winter sets in, but before you start to step up on that ladder, take a moment to make sure it is safe. 

Ladders are the biggest hazards of overhead work and proper ladder maintenance and ladder use are a must. 

There are a variety of ladders available 4-16 foot step ladders, single-section ladders from 8-20 feet, and extension   ladders from 12-60 feet, but up keep and safety is the same for them all.

Check to make sure all of the nuts and bolts are tight, the rungs are secure and spreaders work.

 Ladders need to be free of oil, grease and other slipping hazards and most of all if parts are broken replace them!

Before you begin choose a ladder that is appropriate for the work you are doing, that does not conduct electricity and one that is able to hold the weight necessary to complete the job.  Positioning your ladder is your next   concern.  Never set it up on a slick surface, but on a firm, level surface and be aware of all electrical wires and over head      clearance in your work area. Next to ensure side rails are supported, use a ladder pad to prevent slippage and   protect the surface it is leaning against. 

Now you are ready to begin!  Take time to make your equipment safe and keep yourself safe and remember call Illinois Prairie Electric, Inc. for all your indoor and outdoor electrical needs.