Replacing a light switch can update the feel and functionality of your home in surprising ways. 

One homeowner we interviewed said that every room in a house should have a dimmer switch.  Think about it—dimming the lights down when you light candles for your bubble bath can add just enough light to even out the room.  A dimmed light in a bedroom or living room can give you the feel of a soft, warm glow in the evening.  These aren’t your parents’ dimmer switches either—the touch of a button gradually brings the light level up to your pre-set limit, and a sliding mechanism next to the button works just like a conventional dimmer switch. 

Are you tired of getting out of bed to switch the light off?  Forget the “Clapper” and the dusty lamp on your bedside table.  There are now many switches that include remote controls, so that you can sink down under the covers and darken (or dim) the room with a remote control. 

A switch with a motion detector can make your bathroom light and/or fan switch on when you enter the room.  Small children don’t have to stand up on a stool to reach the switch, and it’s one less place to collect germs in flu season.  A high-traffic restrooms or common areas in an office setting can also benefit from a motion switch.  It can save a lot of electricity.

Whatever your needs are, the Illinois Prairie Electric, Inc. office can provide you with photos and fact sheets of the best and newest products for your home.


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