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Winter heating costs may be far from everyone’s mind right now, but November will roll around before we know it. 

Last year, IPE team member Brian Gaddy installed a Central Boiler heating system at his home in rural Lexington.  He uses it to heat water that is then circulated through his home.  Many types and sizes of untreated wood can be burned in the Central Boiler unit, and it pays for itself quickly through heating oil savings.  Even in very cold weather, Brian only needs to add fuel to the    Central Boiler once a day, at most.  

Heating with renewable fuels like wood is not only good for the planet, but helps your household to be independent from foreign oil. 

Videos and pictures of Brian’s Central Boiler may be found at the IPE company Facebook page here, by visiting http://www.ipelec.biz/centralboilers.html, or by calling the main office at 309-275-7749.